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Compassionate Leadership

Creating high-thriving, resilient and high-performing teams by harnessing individual authenticity

and collective brilliance

Do you want to become a better leader, ensuring both you and your team continuously thrive and high-perform?

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Together with my business partner, Susanne Würtz Waltenburg, we are the registered providers of the Compassionate Leadership Academy (CLA) in Denmark. The CLA offers a unique learning experience based on 20 years of leadership experience and research.  It challenges existing methods, developing relationships that ultimately lead to well-being, commitment, engagement and performance.

The CLA is an online leadership and personal development programme comprising 26 innovative and interactive modules focused on developing individual purpose and authenticity followed by harnessing our collective brilliance.


Part 1 of the programme introduces the principles and concepts of compassion and leadership. This part is about raising self-awareness and honing your emotional intelligence and sense of self-worth, while developing resilience and commitment in yourselves and others.


Part 2 focuses on the application of compassion in leadership, relationship-building and self-development. Topics include:

  • Building trust

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Delegation

  • Motivation

All viewed from the perspective of a compassionate leader.


In the CLA Plus version, the digital journey is complemented by live masterclasses, facilitated by an accredited coach.

Compassionate leadership
is first understanding ourselves, then understanding the needs of others, and finally acting with positive intent - securing the best for all.

Why should I choose the Compassionate Leadership Academy?

This programme is for individuals wishing to enhance their personal growth, SME's looking for affordable inclusive training, or global companies seeking a scaleable leadership programme that delivers tangible results.


A truly comprehensive leadership programme

We help organisations attract & retain talent, creating committed, motivated and happy teams. Challenging existing management mindsets and practices, we create a leadership culture that delivers commitment rather than forcing compliance, and so enables long-term sustainable performance and change

This is a unique programme that involves deep work on both the mindset of the leader and the practical skills of leadership. In the case of CLA Plus, the regular live reflective sessions over a 12 month period allow time for the content to be tried out and embedded.

Highly flexible,
expert-led training

You undertake all the modules of the CLA digital  course on your own time and at your own speed. The facilitated masterclasses are also offered online, allowing geographically spread-out organisations and teams to participate together. This is the ideal programme for the hybrid work era.

The course content is inspired by the teachings of the Dalai Lama, and brought to life through CLA's founder, Manley Hopkinson's over 20 years of leadership experience across the military, extreme adventuring and corporate boardrooms.

Ideally suited to both individuals and teams

The CLA offers a fresh take on leadership that will engage and inspire aspiring and new leaders from different industries or sectors. The space provided by the group masterclasses to share learnings and reflect on current and desired beliefs and practices means that the programme as a whole works as an incredible vehicle for teams to learn about and connect with each other and to build understanding - the foundations of high trust. This way, the CLA acts as a powerful cultural change initiative for organisations and teams.

Professionally accredited

The CLA digital course has been approved and accredited by the Institute of Leadership, a professional membership body for an active, international community of over 50,000 leaders, managers, coaches and mentors, and one of the leading providers of leadership qualifications. You can join the Institute of Leadership at a heavily discounted rate once you have completed the course.

"The whole team found the concept of compassionate leadership very impactful and engaging"

Monica Vikander-Hegarty

Hr Director

"Compassionate Leadership gives you the tools to enable each individual to bring the best of themselves to the workplace"

Paul Devoy

Head of Investors in People

"What a great and inspiring example of what a team with a huge sense of shared purpose and leading can achieve!"

Ruth Curlett New,

HR Director



How much does the CLA cost?

The CLA digital course costs £425 plus VAT.

For CLA Plus (with live masterclasses) please contact me for a conversation about your needs. We offer discounted group rates.

How long does it take to complete?

If you complete one module per week - which is realistic in our busy lives, you will complete the course in 27 weeks (approximately 6 months).

Where can I read more about the course content?

You can download the course syllabus, including descriptions of each module by clicking here

If you are interested in finding out more about The Compassionate Leadership Academy, get in touch and I will arrange a time to speak with you.

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